Zendform not validating

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And from a form or/and a fieldset you can attach other fieldsets using data collections.Similar to a Zend Form class, fieldsets contain form input parameters and filters we can retrieve within our views.There is a lot good stuff in the advanced use of forms page also.Let’s design our model structure first so you get a better understanding of the reason why we are setting the form like this.namespace Fieldset\Controller; use Zend\Mvc\Controller\Abstract Action Controller; use Zend\View\Model\View Model; use Fieldset\Service\Category Manager; use Fieldset\Service\Attribute Manager; use Fieldset\Form\Product Form; class Index Controller extends Abstract Action Controller Just replace any data you need by whatever is suitable to your needs.

For a full understanding of what’s being involved here, you may browse the documentation on Zend framework about fieldsets and here for form collections.

Don't do get Input Filter right inside the form, you'll be thankful when you need your validator down the road (e.g., zf-content-validation, or Apigility). Remember that filters run before validators - that'd been a source of hair loss for me when I was starting out.

The factory's need is arguable if your filter only uses baked in filters/validators.

Packagist Link Git Hub Link We're not quite done, for all of this to work you have to invoke your Form properly.

You already know how to add elements to a form and attach filters and validators to them, but often you will need to add new elements dynamically or add several elements with the same name.

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