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You can of course roll your own filter by using wp_kses() directly.

There has historically been a perception that wp_kses() is slow.

Q: Doesn’t a function like WP_Query handle sanitizing user input before running a query for me? A: For maximum security, we don’t want to rely on WP_Query to sanitize our data and hope that there are no bugs or unexpected interactions there now or in the future.

It’s a good practice to sanitize anything coming from user-land as soon as you begin to interact with it, treating it as potentially malicious right away. A: Even on large strings WP_KSES_* will not add a significant overhead to your pageload.

If it’s not of the proper data type, we’ll discard it.

For instance, to check “my-zipcode” field, we might do something like this: The intval() function casts user input as an integer, and defaults to zero if the input was a non-numeric value.

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