Who is mayor villaraigosa currently dating

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When we receive anonymous tips we have to take them with grain of salt. So the latest tidbit to grace my e-mailbox could turn out to be totally bogus - or it could be the next chapter in the soap opera emanating from the third floor of LA City Hall. The story goes that the "girlfriend" of a particular member of the City Council has "disclosed" that it was none other than Mirthala Salinas herself who allegedly leaked news of the affair she was having with the Mayor. The Mayor had allegedly already moved on to a new relationship with an unnamed Korean female developer - and as they say " pending an investigation as to whether Salinas breached journalistic ethics by having an affair with Villaraigosa. Here's a counter to the theory above on who leaked the Salinas-Villar affair. And finally, Mirthala is not the first journalist to bang someone she was covering.

The current relationship grew out of our existing friendship." In other words, Mirthala Salinas subscribes to the notion that friends sleep with friends.Even after the filthy affair was exposed, and after the dirt and soot began to fill the air, her employer (Telemudo) still did not terminate her employment, denounce her conduct, and neither did Antonio Villaraigosa resign from office despite his embarassment to the State of California. students finance their collegiate education with the numerous scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars? He ignored the best interests of women, moms, and single mothers, and instead viewed beautiful women as sexual targets. With his wife of 20 years, Corina, out of the way (having filed for divorce after 20 years so he can devote more time to 'play'), Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been seen around Los Angeles with more attractive and semi-attractive women than athletes. The city of Los Angeles is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Antonio Villaraigosa deemed the pink panties of Mirthala Salinas more important than our votes. We need a mayor who will support scholarships, grants, and financial-aid to students, and moms, and who will place the educational sytem of Los Angeles schools on top again. She has, however, been removed from covering any local political stories now that her relationship with the mayor is known.Villaraigosa’s involvement with Parker was confirmed after NBC’s KNBC-TV obtained video of the couple shopping together.

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