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", "One Word Weather with Nelson Mandela", "One Road Travel", "Yesterday's Weather", "Truth or Gunge", "Listen, Watch, Cher", "Let's get ready to Ramble! Other former regular competitions hosted included Viaduct (named by Simon Mayo when asked for a suggestion about what to call the quiz when Moyles stood in for Zoë Ball on the breakfast show).It was based on a Two Ronnies sketch (in turn based on Mastermind, with a specialist subject of "answering the question before the last"). In which insults are traded and Louis must fight to save his honor..something like that. As it turns out, making Louis laugh is even better than making him angry. Nick and Louis don't have to share a bed, but they do anyway and it works out better than expected.(Nick's friends sign him up for a dating site against his will. “Just because you said not to.” Nick sighs long sufferingly, as if dealing with a particularly difficult toddler.I wanted to apologise to everyone @thismorning & the viewers for my no show yesterday. I got over excited at the late night filming of the CGD wrap party and obviously regret that now.

At , when Fearne Cotton took over (who took over the slot previously occupied by Jo Whiley from 21 September 2009) Moyles and the team would typically talk to Cotton for the first few minutes.

When only Moyles was away, Vernon Kay or Sara Cox would present in his place, and stay with the usual format of the show.

On 28 February 2011, it was announced that Moyles and David Vitty would attempt to beat the record for the longest continuous Radio 1 show in aid of Comic Relief.

“I just want to find someone whether it’s a girl or a guy, someone who I can just connect with and enjoy life with.

“I’ve slept with girls but it’s never been more serious than just sleeping with them, it’s just been one-night stands.

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