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That didn't last more than a couple of days and she had to go back, but during that time it really felt like she'd pull through. I really need to let her go, let her go into the infinite. I wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to drive again and do stuff like that but I was certain she'd get well enough to come back to — that final scene on the staircase. I can't keep hanging onto this rope that connects us. It won't be easy, but I'm looking forward to breaking on through. We are humanity and our paths to God, light, and enlightenment are unique.” has a special meaning for him because it tells the story of a mother and son.It some ways it depicts how Corbin’s mother encouraged him to seek the truth. THE FAITH JOURNEY Corbin burst into national prominence on the show, .It wasn't on the big occasions like Mother's Day or Christmas or her birthday. TV Guide Magazine: Does it help to stay connected to associate producer] Josh O'Connell telling me that the special tribute episode the show did for my mom has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, and that just feels so incredible! This time I'm doing four episodes, working with Doug Davidson [Paul] and Lauralee Bell [Christine], which my mom would have loved. I really like keeping this link to the show, because it's also a link to my mom's fans.That's why I shared so much about her final days on Facebook.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.and arguably the most admired and beloved performer in the daytime drama business.

We are all snow and we’re all flakes, but we’re each individual.

In fact, there was this extraordinary feeling of lightness when she left us.

We knew it was right and it was best, but as the year wore on things started to get rough.

I have friends who don't understand why I chose to be so candid, so vulnerable, but I did it for the fans. It's what kept her away from the darker side of her soul.

TV Guide Magazine: Seriously, you got crap for that? Michael, you knew her well and knew all the stuff that was going on with her back in those years where she probably should have sought some help and didn't. Jeanne Cooper did not want shrinks or a 12-step support group. She always turned to them and to her work to get her through the day.

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