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He got trashed for not picking either girl, in hindsight, he’s 16. He’s an ASS and I wanted to kill him with my own hands during Jillian Harris’ season, but he could make for great TV. Juan Barbieri — Mostly so he can tell off David Good — good and proper. Wardle is best known for his role as Ty Borden in the long-running CBC series Heartland.Under his Movie Production and Entertainment Company, Lone Maverick, Wardle has made films such as Under Pressure (2008), The Vessel (2012) and Cold Lights (2013).Although scheduling plans are not set, expect ABC to premiere the show in the late summer coming out of the “Bachelorette” finale. ) Executive producer Martin Hilton said the concept was inspired by the real-life relationships that have continued among former “Bachelor” casts. I know there’s a huge De Anna Pappas, Holly Durst, Stagliano, etc. De Anna was dumped by Brad Womack in the ill-fated “Bachelor” season 11 and went on to dump Jason Mesnick in “The Bachelorette” season four.

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He went on to appear in shows like The New Addams Family (1999), The Outer Limits (2001), Life as We Know It (2004) and Supernatural (2005). Don’t hold your breath for Jake Pavelka to find true love with the chick that he chose. I thought he had found *true love* in the simpering Robsten *shippers* sense. No one in the 14 seasons of “The Bachelor” is married to the person they chose at the end of the show. Jeremy was creepy, but that could work for him in a “Big Brother” like atmosphere. Jeremy Anderson — from De Anna’s season, which was especially interesting and recent enough that the players are media-savvy and most likely to return.

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