Who is erika badu dating

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The couple ended their relationship sometime near 1999 and their love life is still noted because André 3000’s song Ms. She became the mother to her second child born as a daughter named Puma Sabti Curry on July 5, 2004, with West Coast rapper The D. Her third child was born as a daughter named Mars Merkaba Thedford on February 1, 2009, with him. Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Badu: You know what they want… @whatmenwant In Theaters 2/8 @tarajiphenson @realtracymorgan @tamjones1 @aldis_hodge @wendi_mclendon_covey @dopequeenpheebs @iammaxgreenfield #joshbrener and more…@adamshankman @willpowerpacker @iamjamesflopez @paramountpics A post shared by THE UNICORN (@erykahbadu) on Born as Erica Abi Wright (real name), she landed the planet on February 26, 1971, which makes the age of Erykah Badu be 48 years old now.She was freestyling for a local radio when she was 14 years old and later decided to modify her name from Erica to Erykah.Talking about her education and academic achievements, she was enrolled at Booker T.When the love is there [and] you really in the relationship you don’t care what nobody’s saying.

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He recalled the Dallas, Texas songstress being “adamant” about the two keeping their relationship out of the public eye. Her third child is Mars Merkaba Thedford who was born in 2009. The name of the song Erykah Badu performed awesomely on the Chappelle Show episode 208 is called "I Want You".Amy Acker Jensen Ackles La Marcus Aldridge Erykah Badu Ernie Banks Sebastian Barrie Maxwell is known for his music which combines R&B, Funk, and Soul.Erykah Badu has three children and each one has a different father. I dont know if it is on any of her albums but if you're desperate to have a copy and you didn't Tivo the episode....extended 11min version is on the Morpheus share-network.Her first child is Seven Sirius Benjamin who was born in 1997. Her second child is Puma Sabti Curry who was born in 2004. Peace You can find the song on Erykah's 2003 album World Wind Underground. The following is a list of notable people who were born, or who have lived a significant portion of their lives, in Dallas, Texas.

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