Who is dating kobe bryant dating game quiz test

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Everyone wanted a glimpse of the mysterious fiancee whom the Lakers icon referred to as “my star.”Vanessa Laine had been swept into the spotlight overnight.

She would soon marry Bryant and become something more than just a side note to his storied basketball career.

In his initial interview with detectives, Bryant denied having sex with the woman the previous night and fretted about the impact her allegation could have on his basketball career and image.He commuted from Los Angeles to Colorado on private jets for court hearings, sometimes missing practice or other team events. The complaint sought unspecified damages for pain and suffering.He called the basketball court “an escape” in the midst of the legal proceedings. 10, 2004, the woman filed a civil lawsuit against Bryant in U. The criminal case against Bryant abruptly collapsed three weeks after the civil filing when prosecutors asked Eagle County District Judge Terry Ruckriegle to dismiss the case because the woman didn’t want to proceed.She told the detectives that when she tried to leave, he blocked her path, bent her over a chair, held her by the neck and raped her, according to sheriff’s records.Bryant remained adamant during the interview with detectives that the encounter was consensual and he ceased intercourse when the woman said no.

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