Who is adam levine currently dating

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While Levine’s band is more popular than ever currently, Maroon 5 have actually been making radio hits for over a decade.And Levine himself had dreams relating to music since he was a kid.While most garage bands don’t go anywhere, Kara’s Flowers started to see success early on.At just 18 years old, Levine was already playing gigs with Kara’s Flowers in West Hollywood night clubs.He means his actual mother, not his mother-in-law (cough, K-Fed and Lynne Spears). "That's why I'm nice." Guess that's why Kristin Cavallari is so into Nick Zano.or you’ve been a Maroon 5 fan for years, anyone who’s familiar with pop music knows about Adam Levine’s budding legacy.And by 1997, which was also the year he graduated high school, independent producer Tommy Allen discovered the band at a Malibu beach party, says The Famous People.

"When there's constant drama all the time, it's such a drain on your energy." Levine also admits he isn't attracted to only one type - an opinion corroborated by the fact that he's slept with many, many girls - and that he believes in love at first sight.

They then went on to play in an episode of While Kara’s Flowers had a promising start, the band failed to sell many records after the release of their album titled “Fourth World.” The record label dropped them at the time, too, says Encyclopedia Britannica, thus resulting in the breakup of the band.

After that, Levine moved across the country to Long Island, New York, to attend Five Towns College with Jesse Carmichael.

| Gareth Davies/Getty Images is what catapulted the band into the mainstream, but initially, the album didn’t receive rave reviews, All Music says.

It wasn’t until 17 months after its initial release when songs from the album hit the radio.

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