Who does idris elba dating

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English actor, Idrissa Elba is also recognized as producer, musician, and DJ, best known for portraying the character of narcotrafficker Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire.

In 2007, his movie, This Christmas grossed million at the box office.

At the time, she was at the prime of her career as a lawyer, she had an office and was the boss of over 8 employees.

Meanwhile, on the actor’s part, he was struggling with getting over the heartbreak from his former love affair with a certain Desiree Newberry having been divorced from Hanne Norgaard who he shares a son with.

Meanwhile, through all this, Idris Elba hit his big break and became a sex symbol in Hollywood, a position he couldn’t hold while married.

Sonya was sad about their separation but still stood by her reasons decision.

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