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However, proposals to ditch the rules in one swoop have apparently been shelved after lawyers hired by the Home Office warned it could cause chaos.Ministers wanted to use the Immigration Bill to make the change, but realised it will not become law in time for the Halloween deadline.They also considered using executive powers in the EU Withdrawal Act, but were informed that would open the government to legal action.Miss Lapper said 19-year-old Parys (both left) suffered depression and anxiety and turned to drugs as he was tormented by classmates who called her a 'crip'.

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A touching photograph (left) from the ceremony shows Hubert's heartbroken mother and brother holding their lost loved one's helmet, in front of a string of current and former competitors who were gathered to pay their respects.

A friend of the Queen said: 'You've got a serious crime linked to the kind of behaviour towards women that people feel particularly strongly about at the moment.

Andrew's association with [Epstein] is deeply damaging and he needs to deal with it.' The socialite was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein (inset) after dating Prince Andrew (left) and stayed at his Manhattan flat for a week but found it so 'frightening' she fled, believing she was being filmed.

Pelvic health expert Stephanie Taylor, 57, from Hull, has warned against 'vaginal steaming' and has offered her top tips on avoiding vaginal prolapse after a woman, 62, was left with second-degree burns.

Bethan and Andy Carter (pictured main), of Briton Ferry, South Wales, have nine children at home (six pictured) aged between three and 16. Mrs Carter, 40, juggles looking after five girls and six boys all at once, with husband Andy father to seven of them.

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