What is the difference between a serious relationship and dating

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There's still low expectations of the relationship at this point. and placing a number of dates (then deciding friend or more) to about 3-6 dates ...IE: if one of us breaks it off, it's not considered a break up. which should translate to be about 1-2 months of dating...When I'm in a relationship, I'm exclusive and therefore, loyal to the person I'm dating. Hahaha, I'm known to have really high expectations on guys, and I always turn down on 75% of guys who want to date me. Either they're taken and I like them but can't do anything about it, or some other sucky situation. I think that is more than enough time to form an opinion about someone...And when I say I'm in a relationship, it's usually serious. So for me, dating someone exclusively is announcing to the world--- I really love this person (or if its early, I REALLY like this person) and I think it's going somewhere. why is 'relationship' defined as something serious. Dating becomes a relationship after you have both established that you want to be exclusive and not see other people.Okay, so I know people date first before announcing they are each other boy/girlfriends.

When I say I'm casually dating someone, it means that I'm seeing them regularly and "talking," but not exclusive and still open for someone else to come in. Although this is a bit empowering, I hate to throw caution out the window along with my conscience.Also, what is the difference between "casual dating/relationship" and a "serious relationship"? I think casual leaves you open to date other people.A relationship really depends on what the people decide as goes for a serious relationship. dating = hanging out, drinks and dinner and talking.Some people have an open relationship but are married. Bottom line, 2 people need to define how the relationship should be. When I am dating someone, I'm usually dating more than one person or at least open to dating someone else as well (I might not actively look, but if it happens, no big deal). relationship = potential marriage, kissing, hand-holding, sex (for me, anyway) if there's no way I'm marrying him there's no way I'm getting in a relationship with him (meaning no kissing, sex, etc)!When I'm in a relationship, I'm exclusive and therefore, loyal to the person I'm dating. then we have had the exclusive talk and we both want this to head in the same direction. there's gotta be at least some long-term potential.

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