Was gerard butler dating sienna miller

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It’s largely uninterested in solving Bridget’s disappearance; instead its concern is how the event serves as the catalyst for Deb’s growth.When we first meet her, she’s wild, somehow still rebelling in her thirties against her mother (Amy Madigan), her older sister, Katherine (Christina Hendricks), and the opinions of their blue-collar town.

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Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller are secretly dating, announces Us Weekly.

However, Bridget soon disappears after a fight with her young son’s father, Tyler (Alex Neustaedter), and Deb spends the next 11 years raising her grandson, Jesse (played by Aidan Mc Graw as a child and Aidan Fiske as a teen).

Other films would make the disappearance of Deb’s daughter their focus, but “American Woman” often leaves it in the background as she goes through jobs, school and men (played by Pat Healy and Aaron Paul).

She’s strong, but there’s something delicate about the film, particularly in the gentle way it treats this person who we initially see as anything but.

Produced by Ridley Scott and directed by his son Jake Scott, “American Woman” bears a resemblance to the so-called woman’s film of old Hollywood.

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