Validating sender

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With it, we started with the industry knowledge and worked with our team of data scientists to validate best practices and create our solution.

With our research, we developed a data-source to identify undeliverable addresses and released Recipient Validation for all Spark Post customers in June.

You need to verify that an email address isn’t going to damage your reputation before you send to it.

Every experienced marketer and deliverability specialist can tell you how damaging it is to send to undeliverable and low-quality addresses.

The %d macro is extracted from the supplied mail from address.

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As an email marketer, you want to grow your list with real, high-quality email addresses that are going to engage, without letting damaging addresses through.

When Recipient Validation suspects an email address will hard bounce, we surface that so you can make the decision on whether you want to take on that risk.

Recipient Validation helps you identify low-quality addresses.

We analyzed a sample of customers using another validation solution and found that on average our Recipient Validation would catch an additional 31% of their hard bounces missed by our competitors, helping you send with confidence.

With this release we have also added typo detection and suggestion, plugging a top source of lead loss for customers.

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