Validating input in java

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For example, an object), the data is converted to the correct type during the Process Validation phase on a per-UI-component basis.

If validation or conversion fails, the lifecycle proceeds to the Render Response phase and a corresponding error message is displayed on the page.

In addition, you can create your own custom validators to suit your business needs.

Validators and converters have a default hint message that is displayed to users when they click in the associated field.

This chapter includes the following sections: in the model layer.

When viewed in a client browser, however, the user interface has to present the data in a manner that can be read or modified by the user.

It also describes how to handle and display any errors, including those not caused by validation.

The current page is then redisplayed with an error message.

ADF Faces components provide a way of declaratively setting these messages.

Then the data is validated against any rules and conditions.

Conversely, data stored as something other than a automatically provide a conversion capability.

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