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Some have described it as an obligation to appreciate all things in life that are pleasing.If you visit, you should expect to hone your flirting skills, but you can't be too obvious if you want to fit in with the French. If you'd like to be more straightforward, and would like the flirting to go somewhere, try your hand with some of these phrases: Pronounced: too ah duh tray bo zyeh Translated: You have beautiful eyes.If knowing just a few basic French phrases can help you to navigate the French-speaking world and come off so much more graciously, imagine how much really familiarizing yourself with the language can do for your travels.Now imagine it’s possible to skip the boring textbook part of learning French and get right to learning French as it’s actually spoken. Okay, let’s take a look at what Fluent U can do for you.The French are quite reserved, and while there are some pick up lines listed here, you will rarely hear them.In fact, some are simply funny sayings you’ll hear among your friends.

The subtle art of flirting in France is actually very common and is a trademark of daily conversation.Not so subtle flirting or a genuine compliment--it's all in how you say it.While subtle flirting is common place in France, getting to the next step is not.The following are must-have French phrases for eating out.When you are ordering and interacting with the staff at restaurants in France, manners and proper dining etiquette will go a long way toward getting you on their good side.

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