Updating shared jar osb

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We need to make a time-cost analysis and if your enterprise integration vision has new applications to be integrated or a possible acquisition/merger/expansion that involve ESB, its advisable to start CIM implementation as soon as you can and have the data flow for the new services through CIM-ESB.The next figure shows on the right side both the design time MDS and the run time MDS (see this article on how to expose the run time MDS in the Integrated WLS in the Resource Palette).When we attempt to deploy the composite application, deployment will fail: The MDS-00054: The file to be loaded …The reference in the SOA composite application will use the oramds: prefix, indicating that the artifact is in fact to the found in the MDS repository.However, the run time MDS associated with the target SOA Suite run time environment, does not yet contain this WSDL document.

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