Updating seamonkey

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This allows for better integration (Sync, the Location Bar and add-ons), automatic backups and the possibility to restore them, saving favicons with your bookmarks, and the ability to define tags. By default, Sea Monkey initializes Mail News in the background even if you just open the browser.

I'm getting a notification bar that reads "Sea Monkey prevented this page from automatically reloading." (or "Sea Monkey prevented this page from automatically redirecting to another page."). This way it can check for new mail and notify you while you can start browsing right away and not be distracted too much by the Mail News window in case there is no new mail.

Currently (October 2015) the Sea Monkey-version-"decimal" (2.38) corresponds with the "decimal 3" Version of Firefox (Firefox 41).

Instead, they are upgraded to the first beta of the next release once released. *right*) or semi-automation seemed to have sent some of the tarballs/binaries elsewhere (or ignored them…). [For the latter, some have said it will be the death knell for Sea Monkey as we do not have enough knowledge, expertise and resources to maintain such code.] While this isn’t the right place to discuss this type of decision, I’m just putting it forth out in the open (in the name of transparency) so that users can think and discuss it on the newsgroups/mailing list. Should we migrate off XUL and go quantum while trying to maintain some semblance of Sea Monkey, or should we just run as is until the engine completely fails or fork off the most stable Gecko XUL code and work on it?When you go back to Sea Monkey 2.x again, you may recover your bookmarks using Tools/Restore from the Bookmarks Manager, though.With the adoption of the rapid release cycle, release candidates (RCs) have been replaced by beta versions.

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