Updating sd car reader on pc

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If the SD card works with your device (e.g., can see pictures on the camera) but does not work with your computer, it is safe to assume the computer card reader has problems.

A temporary workaround would be to connect the camera, phone, or another device to the computer using a USB cable with the SD card in the device.

SD cards are great for storage of digital media, like photos or video clips in digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, and phones.

If you're experiencing this problem, visit your phone manufacturer's website for support.Some laptop computers and desktop computers have a built-in memory card reader.It is possible the memory card reader is not working properly and not able to read the memory card.Also, if your computer has Windows Vista, you may need to download and install a patch to fix a known bug relating to issues with reading SD cards in Windows Vista.Many SD cards have a feature called write-protection toggled on and off by a switch on the left side of the SD card.

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