Updating roster for madden 09

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This is just the tip of an iceberg of how I edit roster fast.And not just changing Austin Hill's team from 1008 (PS) to 1009 (Free Agent), but you have to delete the entries of Contracts.You'll also have to edit Previous team, in this case he was released by the Raiders so change PPTI to 22 (Raiders). Since I've been doing this for years, I am accustomed to it.

So you get the chance to play the actual line-up for the current week of 2015 season. General details like college, ht & weight are 100% accurate based on Ourlads.-Contracts are 90% accurate.

EA plans to offer a downloadable cover insert depicting Favre in Jets regalia via the official *Madden *website.

Completionist fans are urged to print off a copy and replace the retail art as they see fit.

) and also switches up the overall rankings of a few players.

You can view the complete roster changes that the update brings by downloading them from here (Word document) or by looking after the break.

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