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The Expansion Module Information field for module 1 is set to 7914 14-Button Line Expansion Module. No replies from the Cisco Support forums either That coupled by my small base of knowledge on how the system works is really giving me fits. FIRMWARE 1) APP LOAD ID: P00308000900 2) BOOT LOAD ID: PC0303010100 3) VERSION: 8.0 (9.0) 4) EXPANSION MODULE: 500105000300 6) DSP 4.0 (4.0) [A01] EXPANSION MODULE STATS LINK STATE: CONNECTED A RX DISCARDED BYTES: 4 A RX LENGTH ERR: 0 A RX CHECKSUM ERR: 0 A RX INVALID MESSAGE: 0 A TX RETRANSMIT: COUNTER INCREASING A TX BUFFER FULL: 0 B RX DISCARDED BYTES: 144 B RX LENGTH ERR: 2 B RX CHECKSUM ERR: 2 B TX BUFFER FULL: 0 Hope that this helps. I see in your configuration the Load versions are blank for the 7914.Could anyone possibly walk me through this process? Have you tried to hard code a load version and make sure its on the TFTP server?After some troubleshooting I found that somehow, her phone was no longer showing in Call Manager. The module is showing all red lights on the buttons and the display is blank.I went through the process of adding the phone again and defining it and configured. I went to Add/Update speed dials, entered all the name and extension information and clicked on Update and Close.

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In the Softkey Template Information field I have it set to Standard User. I fully expected to see the Speed Dials all set up on the module but all the buttons are red. I have Googled for a couple hours and have had a really hard time finding anything regarding this outdated version of Call Manager.

My background was initially Network Security however in the last few years I’ve noticed (as we all have!

) Vo IP as one of the fastest growing technology in the world.

After persuing CCIE Security path at early stage of my career, I realized that i was getting more attracted towards Voice, and started investigating the possibility of pursuing an alternate route and luckily i got an opportunity to work in a cisco partner company(BMB Group) as a Network Consultant for security and voice where i learned a lot about Vo IP and its emerging technologies since then there is no looking back i am going more deeper day by day into this technology.

This technology is exciting stuff, and I hope that my enthusiasm comes through in the posts.

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