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The following list includes significant motorcycles in Harley-Davidson history, those bikes that represented the next step in motorcycle evolution or set the standard for an entire bike segment.

Although it's pretty exhaustive, this list excludes unique or short lived models like the Aermacci/Harley Sprints, Servi-Cars, most military models, and one-off items like scooters or snowmobiles since they're largely outside the scope of this article.

A high compression option was available at the time. military use and for export through the Lend-Lease program during the War.

During war production, the WLA was built for military use and was essentially the only version built. Reasons to Love: While these side valve/flathead engines were still being used in the UL for a while after the introduction of the Kucklehead, they did bring with them some updated technology like a recirculating oiling system.

The entire thing weighed less than 200 pounds and had a top speed of around 40 miles-per-hour.

It took fourth place with rider Ed Hildebrand in the saddle, not bad at all for what was essentially a one-off prototype.

Engineering development was in full swing, and the American-made racing scene was a beautiful drama.During these years, Harley-Davidson was in a frenzy of engineering and development.New models, engines, and chassis configurations seemed to change every year or so as new breakthroughs were made and new ideas were tested. Harley, completed a blueprint drawing of an engine in a bicycle frame.The F-Head engine in the 5-D was a flop for a number of reasons which are, once again, outside the scope of this article, and was replaced a year later with a better engine.DL, D, Model 29D, Model 29FD, Model 30D, Model 30DL, Model 30DLD, Model 31D, Model 31DL, Model 31DLD, Model 32D, Model 32DL, Model 32DLD, Model 32D, Model 32DLD, Model 32DL, Model 33D, Model 33DL, Model 33DLD, The year after Harley introduced the two-cam engine, Harley built the D-Series to compete with the Indian Scout.

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