Updating nameservers 11

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You can configure hosting resellers to each use their own nameservers.

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After you configure your server's nameservers, you must register your nameservers with your registrar.

RTNETLINK answers: File exists Failed to bring up eth0 [ OK ] to stop believing that it has already configured the interface.

You will need to place your DNS server address on the first line of this file and remember to end the line with a carriage return (hit enter) as seen below: # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them.

BIND 9 has evolved to be a very flexible, full-featured DNS system.

When you register nameservers, you announce their existence to the rest of the internet.

You do not perform this action in c Panel & WHM, but you must do it or your nameservers will not function.

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