Updating my passport

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See the Renewal Tips section for more information or if you’re specifically interested in information related to expedited passports, see our Guide to Expedited U. Your passport validity period restarts at the time of renewal.

Therefore, if you renew your passport at 9 years (1 year of validity left), your passport will be good for 10 and not 11 more years.

You must submit an updated passport photo of yourself from within the last 6 months. In general, the photo must be a color 2”×2” photo in your normal clothes.

You can typically have these photos taken at nationwide pharmacies and larger retailers like Walmart and Target. However, unlike before, where you may not have stapled your photo to the application, you must staple one photo to the form.

If its case two, unfortunately, you will have to resubmit form DS-82 as if it were a U. You must be able to document your name change with a legal original or certified copy of a marriage certificate or other government-issued document of the change of name.Your old passport will be sent back, but separately from your new passport so don’t worry when they don’t arrive together.Certainly, not everyone falls under the “normal” category when discussing passports.Name changes are probably the most common special case given names can change due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons.However, this process also is applicable for any corrections, such as being issued with a misspelling or other error in data.

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