Updating itunes run or save

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Step 1: Right-click the task bar and select Task Manager. Windows 10 receives frequent automatic updates on a regular basis and this may cause enough changes so as to prevent i Tunes from running properly. It’s an updater bundled in with i Tunes and you can access it from the Start menu.

If your entire PC is frozen, press Ctrl Alt Del to forcibly launch the Task Manager. However, updating it to the latest version of i Tunes may fix such issues. Once you’ve launched the updater, wait for a moment while it checks for available updates.

If it still doesn’t work, however, you can keep on restoring earlier versions of the i Tunes library to find one that works.If there’s an i Tunes update, select it and click Install to apply the update.Also, make it a point to select any updates for related Apple software as well.To prevent the process from being such a drag, you can configure the i Tunes shortcut to always launch with administrative privileges instead. Step 3: Right-click the shortcut and select Properties on the context menu.Sometimes, i Tunes tends to freeze at startup, which is pretty normal when you try to immediately relaunch the application after shutting it down. But rather than wasting valuable time, however, you can instead remove the frozen i Tunes process directly via the Task Manager.

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