Updating firmware fore lynk sus modem

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The general thinking is that a router that can update its own firmware is better than one that requires manual updating. There are many things that go wrong with a router that self-updates it firmware.

One obvious danger is that the update breaks something.

Write down or screen-print all your router settings because they may disappear.7.

Disconnect the router from the internet and from any computer other than the one doing the update.(Activity from any source other than the computer doing the update can make the update fail and require that the router be reset.)8.

(If your router isnt a BEFSR series, check your manual for how to do a reset.)11. On the Status tab check that the Firmware version has changed.

After the firmware update, your router administration password may be what it was before, or it may be changed back to the default (usually admin,or see the release notes from the download file, or your manual). If it didnt, go back to the Tftp step and ensure that it is pointed to the correct folder and firmware...13.

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If you have problems doing the firmware update, press and hold the reset button until the red light goes on and off (5 seconds), cycle the router power off and on, then repeat the update from the Tfpt step.In August 2017 this happened to the a smart lock, model LS-6i, made by Lockstate. In a September 2018 article on Io T security, security expert Robert Graham writes "You might think a good solution to this is automated patching, but only if you ignore history.The company sent the wrong firmware and bricked the 0 locks. Many rate 'Not Petya' as the worst, most costly, cyberattack ever.If having problems reconnecting to the Internet, but you can connect to the router:a.Shutdown your computers and leave them powered off for at least 60 seconds.b. It may also be necessary to unplug your cable modem for 1-5 minutes.d.

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