Updating datagridview in c

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Command Text = "SELECT SUM(Total Positions) FROM Worksites WHERE key Monitor ID='" & Selected Monitor & "'" con. That is, is it essential that the app keeps going back to the database to refresh data - both ways - so that multi-users can be kept informed of changes that other users are making: or would it be possible, because only one instance of the app would be using the database at any one time, to bring everything necessary over from the database to the app at the start, make all changes in the app, and then send all changes back to the database at the end?

When updating you can call Update on both dataadapters, and no need for Update_Job Titles_Pos David Is this app operating with the database on a single-user or a multi-user basis?

A lot of advanced features & controlas are available from VS 2005 .

IF u r using VS 2005 or above, try to use Grid View (there are other many controls), instead of Data Grid.

Open() Dim cmd1 As New Sql Command("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Applicants", cn) Dim count As Integer = Convert. If you want to pursue it, and find difficulty doing so, come back.

But as Goran says, a more detailed explanation would be useful. This is actually my very first coding project since taking a 5 day ASP. So if you want to throw in any other pointers about how I should "clean up" my code, please feel free. The overall goal is to take the kids in the Applicants table and assign them to jobs in the Job Titles table.

I've searched the web for nearly a week now and none of the solutions work. Fill command from a tableadapter or dataadapter originally and it will remain like that unless and until you make changes to it in the application or you use the original . It should be a simple matter, but I started out with the two Data Grid Views and have not gotten anywhere. Let me illustrate what I mean: with acknowledgments to Goran, as it is the same point as he has made.

Given that your Job Titles Data Grid View is updated when you "exit the application and run it again", there must be some code which runs on your application's start up and properly gets the data to fill the datagridview. with the name of, or a reference to, a datatable where I've put ... You are obviously bringing data over from both your Job Titles and Applicants tables at the start of the app.My guess (based just on the terminology in the bits of code you show) is that in your form_load sub there will be something like Me. If you copy that code (NB "copy" - that is, leave the original where it is but put a duplicate) at the end of your btn Update Position_Click sub, it might solve the problem. It's very difficult to know for certain what's going on. It may therefore be (we don't know this for certain) that, when you've made a change to the Applicants datatable in your app, you already have IN YOUR APP sufficient information to make any necessary changes to the Job Titles datatable IN YOUR APP.For example, I've no real idea - I've only made an assumption - what your stored procedure is doing. If that were to be the case then there would be no reason to use Execute Non Query on a stored procedure to update the Job Titles table in your database just so's you could bring the revised Job Titles table back to the app again.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange are properly shown on the grid.

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