Updating database letter

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Thanks for your help in achieving another great quarter for DRS.

We continue to make steady and encouraging progress towards our million per month target.

Related to this last point, I want to thank all of those on Team-USA who offered an unconditional “yes” when asked if they would be willing to visit our operation in India to provide training and team building assistance.

I have no doubts that if we continue to work as a team committed to exceeding our customers expectations we will move ever closer to that goal.

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Between now and the end of this year we will continue to develop innovative technology platforms designed to further streamline our operations and enhance the products and services that we offer our customers.

In fact, I believe that our ongoing efforts to continuously improve the products, services and pricing mix that we offer to both our customers and our agents will be a never-ending quest if we are to stay at the forefront of our industry.

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