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Assuming all went well, i Tunes 12.1 will sync flawlessly now with i OS 8.1, i OS 8.2, and/or i OS 8.3 (and hopefully all other future i OS versions), and the device will no longer have a bunch of unplayable track names in Music app.Another two points worth mentioning; i Tunes seems to be less problematic when syncing with a USB cable than with Wi-Fi.Many users have a love or hate relationship with i Tunes, which is required to sync an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch to a Mac or PC (presumably an Apple Watch too).When i Tunes syncing works as intended, that’s fantastic, but sometimes things don’t work out that way.

Also, syncing music and movies is often more reliable if you choose to “Manually manage” (that is, syncing manually by dragging and dropping files in i Tunes, rather than relying on the ‘sync’ button, which to me is kind of like the traffic light Customs button you encounter in a Mexican airport in it’s randomized nature).

We’ve covered various troubleshooting steps for i Tunes refusing to sync with i OS devices and while those may very well resolve your issues with i Tunes, the steps outlined below seem to work to give i Tunes 12 a kick in the pants when syncing gets stuck and fails to complete with an i OS 8 device, just a bunch of empty track names sync over, or when the i Tunes app just basically freezes during a syncing attempt and refuses to do much of anything.

This should resolve syncing problems with both wi-fi syncing and USB cable syncing.

(6) Navigate back up to your i Tunes Libraries folder. (8) Rename the file “i Tunes ” (9) Hold Shit key (Win) or Option key (Mac) and launch i Tunes. Using your past i Tunes libraries can be unreliable, especially if the problem is actually with your hard drive or some other data issue.

It’s also easier to use this second method: You can restore music from unlimited i Phone. It’s i OS management software that enables you to freely transfer music between i Phone and computer/i Tunes.

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