Updating apple hard disk drivers lockup

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You could solve the problem by upgrading to a Mac with a Retina display, or you can try the following fix: You may not be afflicted with the problem if you upgraded to Mojave from an earlier OS that had font smoothing enabled.

Even then, some users have mentioned the weird fonts even though they upgraded.

SMS Messages Not Delivered If you use the Messages app on the Mac to send SMS messages, you may notice a strange timeout error occurring when you send an SMS message to a non-Apple device.

Some of these parts might have been a bit cheaper on Amazon since it was Cyber Monday.

Update June 7, 2019: OWC nows sells complete kits on Amazon which have everything you need including SSD Hard Drives.

The blurring is seen most often on non-Retina Macs.

The cause is Mojave disabling sub-pixel antialiasing, an older font rendering technique that helped fonts appear smoother and less jagged on most displays.

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