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Discover some of the secrets of Prague, hidden below the ground and within the narrow alleyways of the Old Town.

Beneath the town is another city, the one from the times before.

Chris Nix, Assistant Director for Collections and Engagement at London Transport Museum, said:“Visitors will love being transported to our recreated secret station subterranean world.

People will be able to step in to a stage set of the dining room at Down Street where Winston Churchill sought refuge at the height of the Blitz, thanks to the Railway Executive Committee which was responsible for the bunker in the then disused station.

The former minister of state for antiquities affairs Zahi Hawass has previously said there was nothing at all below the Sphinx.

Visitors will get the chance to experience an ‘abandoned’ Tube station and discover what secrets lurk beneath our busy streets at a new Hidden London exhibition opening at the London Transport Museum on Friday 11 October 2019.

Mr Cannon said: “It is obvious from the totally different construction material and colour of the Sphinx head, which we believe is not rock, but some type of manmade substance compared to its limestone and eroded body.“The head and face of the Sphinx must have been changed from its original shape long after the monument was first carved.

There is hardly any damage and no erosion on its head compared to its body.”However, the Egyptian authorities say it is not possible to investigate the claims as they say the chambers are either blocked up or full of water.

Although most of Charing Cross Tube station is still used by thousands of passengers on a daily basis, various scenes in the Skyfall (2012) blockbuster were filmed in the disused sections of Charing Cross Underground station.

A new northward tunnel was built in 1900, bypassing King William Street which was then left abandoned.

Today, this disused station is not open to the public.

The narrow alleyways of the Old Town and the former houses, dark rooms and corridors from the ancient times in the underground, hidden in front of Your eyes, will reveal the mystical and mythical side of this city when visiting them after the dark and with lanterns light.

(PLEASE NOTE: the tour also takes place on the dates of Dec.

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