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Violentacrez turned out to be not some monster but Michael Brutsch, a sad sack 49-year-old burly white guy who lives in Texas, worked at a boring job at a financial services agency, has a diabetic wife and a son who was about to join the Marines.

When CNN pressed on him on what he was thinking, he seemed like a guy whose moral compass had never found north.

It’s like trying to take out the tea once you’ve added boiling water. Or at least make sure your child is fully aware of what he or she is doing.

But there is one clear message: once a picture goes online, it can never be unpublic again.When I was in high school, someone took a photo of me in our school’s production of a Tom Stoppard play. To the testosterone-charged boys among whom it circulated, it was a photo of cleavage. That is, almost nine times out of ten, the self-portraits on the porny or otherwise offensive websites were used without the permission or knowledge of the people in them. Others attribute it to an increasingly sexualized society in which girls are saturated with images of women doing their best to inspire lust.For some reason my character was on her hands and knees in a ballroom-dancing outfit. Why do young girls take pictures of themselves semi-naked or in come-hither poses? There are theories that girls are just trying on various identities, playing at being adult.(MORE: Will Slut Walks Change the Meaning of the Word ‘Slut’? There is aggregating software, but most of the damage is done by other humans — not evil, psychopathic porn-moguls, but regular bored guys who like being popular.Never was this clearer than when Gawker unmasked a notorious internet troll known as Violentacrez (pronounced violent acres) on Oct 12.

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