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The six's close friendship serves as the main storytelling focus throughout the series.

In Slice of Life, Steven Magnet refers to himself as Cranky's "best beast", subsequently mentions that Cranky once saved him from Flash Freeze Lake, and later cuts off part of his mustache to make a replacement toupee for Cranky.

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This article details the various close relationships explored throughout My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and other official material, including best friends, romances and unrequited loves, student-teacher relationships, employer-employee relationships, pet ownerships, rivalries, feuds, etc.

In Enterplay's collectible card game, Defenders of Equestria card #132 UR of Thorax refers to him as Spike's best friend.

As foals, Starlight Glimmer was best friends with Sunburst.

The official My Little Pony guidebook The Elements of Harmony states "SNIPS and SNAILS are two young Unicorns who are the best of friends." Spike befriends Ember during the Gauntlet of Fire in the episode of the same name after he saves her from drowning, and they work together to claim the Bloodstone Scepter.

I started this somewhere around when the whole "Alicorn Twilight" thing was announced. It's more like a meet n' fuck than a dating simulator. Cake/Sugar Belle • Princess Celestia/Sunset Shimmer • Princess Celestia/Twilight Sparkle • Principal Cinch/Crystal Prep Academy • Professor Flintheart/Snowfall Frost • Rarity/Charity Sweetmint • Ruby Jubilee/Crystal Preparatory • Spitfire/Junior Flyers Summer Camp • Spitfire/Wonderbolt Academy • Star Swirl the Bearded/Clover the Clever • Twilight Sparkle/Cutie Mark Crusaders • Twilight Sparkle/Starlight Glimmer • Twilight Sparkle/Sunset Shimmer • Zecora/Twilight Sparkle Canter Zoom/Juniper Montage • Coloratura/Svengallop • Discord/June • Flim and Flam/Silver Shill • Flixiplex Cinemas boss/Juniper Montage • Gladmane/employees • Mr. Cake/employee(s) • Rarity/employees • Snowfall Frost/Snowdash • Songbird Serenade/entourage • The Storm King/soldiers, commanders, workers • Suri Polomare/Coco Pommel • Trixie/assistants • Touring Wind/Bright Bridle • Vignette Valencia/employees Applejack/Winona • Blossomforth/hedgehog • Braeburn/Albus • Bulk Biceps/Wooyoo • Corral/Scout • Cromwell/Ripley • Cupcake/raccoon • Cuppa Joe/Puddles • Dewdrop Dazzle/duck • Diamond Tiara and/or Silver Spoon/dog • Discord/Quincy • Doc Holstein/pets • Flash Sentry/Banana • Fluttershy/pets • Goldie Delicious/cats • Icy Shanks/Reba • Indigo Wreath and/or Fluttershy and/or Lyra Heartstrings and/or man/dog • Lulu Luck/Calvin & Theo • Maraporean colt/kitties • Maraporean filly/Fluffy Bun • Maraporean stallion/Denise • Penumbra Quill/Firebrand • Pinkie Pie/reptiles • Prince Blueblood/Bunny • Prince Rutherford/Fluffy • Princess Celestia/birds • Princess Luna/Tiberius • Rainbow Dash/Tank • Rarity/Opalescence • Said Thunderbolt/dogs • Spike/pets • Spring Song/Pearl • Sunflower/dog • Sunset Shimmer/Ray • Trixie/dog Twilight Sparkle/pets (Princess Twilight Sparkle/Owlowiscious • Sci-Twi/Spike) • Vignette Valencia/Yas Queen • Yollotl/Bruno • Zipporwhill/Ripley Apple family/Flim and Flam • Apple family/Pear family • Canterlot High School/Crystal Prep Academy • Diamond Mint/Lemony Gem • Hooffield family/Mc Colt family • Rainbow Dash/Lightning Dust • Twilight Sparkle/Trixie Twilight Sparkle meets Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie in Friendship is Magic, part 1 and becomes friends with them by the end of part 2.A number of official material associated with the show refers to the six friends collectively as the "Mane 6"/"Mane Six".They enter a school talent show together in The Show Stoppers, get stuck together with bubble gum in Ponyville Confidential, and make a flag-carrying routine in Flight to the Finish.Different versions of mystery pack wave 10 collector card 10 state that Snailsquirm "is best friends with" and "is the fun-loving best friend of" Snipsy Snap.

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