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However, in a massively bad strategic move, the Edge was not Direct X-friendly (granted, DX was new on the scene) and was gone before you could say, "Boo! If that trend continues the way it has (and I don't see why it shouldn't), I'm intrigued to see where the company is a decade or more from now.

My personal feeling is that NVIDIA has yet to morph into a butterfly and that the best is yet to come.

Over the past couple of months we have spent many hours on the NVIDIA campus in Santa Clara harassing these kind folks, and they have been very forthcoming, so kudos to both. Together, both gentlemen will give you some powerful insight into not just graphics but computing and where things are headed. As if that's not enough, there's a ton of information to get you up to speed with NVIDIA's latest GPU: NV40 (Ge Force 6800). Seriously, after the madness that was NV3x, it's good to see the company back on track with NV40. Of course, we have tons of other material for your reading pleasure.

I think it is about time you kicked your fun mojo into gear.

I go to a gym close by three times a week go walk on the other days and go into town with a friend and have a coffee and a chat.

With all our NVIDIA-focused coverage this month, it was nice to have ATI pitch in with a little product of its own.

It's called the ATI X800 XT (page 20) and we've got the scoop. (CST) To Place An Order Or Change An Address (800) 733-3809 FAX: (402) 479-2193 Subscription Renewals (800) 382-4552 FAX: (402) 479-2193 For Reprints (800) 334-7458 FAX: (402) 479-2104 Editorial Staff [email protected]: (402) 479-2104 131 W.

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