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That they did or didn`t but that`s been some speculation that`s out there on whether it happened or not. MCGRAW: I think Cindy has across the past, she talks about that during the interview that she had gone into a therapeutic relationship before any of this happened, which she certainly credits with helping her cope with this during this time. I think they`re kind of in survival mode, putting one foot in front of the other, just letting days turn into weeks and hoping to get some distance from this pain. It apparently must have been enough to raise reasonable doubt that Casey had some kind of mitigating circumstances, shall we say psychological ones. MCGRAW: Well, I`ve heard people say, you know, how could he get away with suborning perjury, Jose Baez? This one they don`t like could be a vulnerable target, let`s focus on them and come up with a way to create reasonable doubt there. MCGRAW: Now, the defense team hasn`t acknowledged that. Stephen Masterson Pacific Capital Bank: present emlpoyer CFO. Went to Mount Holyoke College with her and know all about her.Return to Transcripts main page JOY BEHAR SHOW Interview With Dr. BEHAR: Are the Anthonys in any kind of therapy themselves? Lisa Masterson did not return to the sixth season of the show The Doctors. The show was taking away from her own patients and she believed that concentrating solely on her private practice was… her maiden name is masterson Her maiden name is Milner. Lisa did not return to the show so she could work on… Masterson, she left the television show in order to pursue her own medical practice. She had one in `07, I believe it was, then she had one a year and a half later. He threw this bomb in the beginning of the trial and then dropped it. Many analysts speculated that this was the first social media trial of any import where people were following on Facebook and Twitter and you could go along and say, wow, they don`t like this person, they do like this one. Because I watched his heartbreak every single day and I watched him, as frantic as he was. That he did not coerce her into putting the baby in the woods and that he didn`t remain silent about that for the next three years. She was acquitted of causing it but she admitted to burying the body in the woods which in and of itself is a horrific thing to do, right? MCGRAW: My question was how do you go from what you described as just a normal happy child, cheerleader, all these things, to someone that could do that? Cindy`s answer to that is, look, I think she may have a brain tumor. Well, because at one point she had a grand mal seizure. MCGRAW: A year and half later, she had another one. And usually they`re associated with some type of epileptic activity, not always but sometimes. You find any way to not go there because it`s overwhelming, you just can`t deal with it psychologically. Let`s talk about the sexual molestation accusation that the defense made against George Anthony which, of course, was not substantiated. He put somebody on to perjure themselves and say that happened, just speculated about it. That was kind -- I thought that was a kind of unethical thing to do. BEHAR: Why does George think that Casey would say such a thing? He doesn`t know where it came from, he doesn`t know whether this was hatched by the legal team or this is what Casey told them to provide them an explanation or whatever. George would never have put us through those six months of not knowing where Caylee was if he knew where Caylee was. Under the defense theory that he was not there when the baby drowned.

He goes up there and parties for four or five days. BEHAR: OK, let`s talk about the housewives -- "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," they have a tragic thing happened. What a lot of people don`t realize is that Russell committed suicide the day after his business partner committed suicide. She still believes the next great love is right around the corner. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Casey Anthony`s parents talk with Dr. Phil and what they think really happened with Casey and Caylee. Then Anderson Cooper gives Joy the inside scoop on his interview with Amy Winehouse`s parents on his new show. And Cindy goes 31 days, Cindy and George both without hearing a peep out of this child. BEHAR: Well, what did they say to you when you told them this? And every time they would go see her and talk to her in jail and she`s saying the things she`s saying, she knows already where the -- where the child is. MCGRAW: And for them to go back and look at it and say, as I think back through that event, knowing that as she stood there, that is really something else that she could tell that lie. Well, she`s asleep, well, she`s out playing, she`s -- always an excuse. MCGRAW: And it`s like, I don`t know, her phone is disconnected because -- and the thing that people have to understand, and this was -- I think, had a great impact on -- on Cindy and George to talk about this, that each time we talked about something happening, I said, you now have to look back at that and understand that when she was telling you that lie, that baby was already buried in the woods -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: Yes. And she let this go on for three years of anguish, searches, people looking, on and on.

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