Top 10 intimidating dogs

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Speaking out of personal experience, the worst dog related experiences I’ve ever had were with smaller breeds.That isn’t to say that the most aggressive dogs are all small dogs.If you’re not sure how, talk to a trainer or look for information on line.

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Cuteness aside though, this breed needs to be socialized early, especially if it will be in a home with small children because they can become quite aggressive.My dog is a German Shepherd/Doberman mix and she’s the sweetest, kindest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing time with.She was not that sweet, kind girl when she came to us though.They have loads of energy and will never refuse a walk or a play down at the park.If you want a dog that will obey whatever you say but also have its own curious and intelligent mind, there’s no doubt that the Border Collie is the best.

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