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In his book on Foucault, Deleuze notes that forms are "compound[s] of relations between forces," or foldings between potentials of the inside with the outside (124).

The Manchester University Love Letter Generator (1953-54) is an interesting example of automated confessions of love (see Link). Thacker underlines the differences between Turing's mind-centered mode of intelligence and the networked intelligence inherent in biomedia computing (, transmission, transportation, and transformation are key themes in bioinformatics, whether we are talking about protocols for encoding, decoding, or recoding (72).

In addition, remediation becomes a mode of repetition with a difference, connected in this text to multiplication as a mode of creating difference.

Here every repetitious act (for example, cloning) is never a clear-cut repetition but summons a new constellation and potential shift in the tension of forces.

We are supposed to be self-replicating, she has erased our code for that. as human societies.) Some decades later, in 1933, Walter Benjamin saw imitation as pertinent to diverse natural phenomena, though he thought the human being has a special faculty for mimesis.

I don't understand their engines, we are such an improvement: why aren't there more of us?

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