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In , repetition, multiplication, and remediation do not merely produce more of the same, but also bring with them a qualitative change in concepts such as subjectivity. Other early AI programs include Simon and Newell's "The Logic Theorist" (1956) and "The General Problem Solver" (1957).

The Manchester University Love Letter Generator (1953-54) is an interesting example of automated confessions of love (see Link). Thacker underlines the differences between Turing's mind-centered mode of intelligence and the networked intelligence inherent in biomedia computing (, transmission, transportation, and transformation are key themes in bioinformatics, whether we are talking about protocols for encoding, decoding, or recoding (72).


Clark notes an increase in such "hyper-aestheticized" forms of life, and the emergence of a digital version of "life under glass." In addition to such projects as the Biosphere II greenhouse in southern Arizona, which is sustained in various mediated ways, using sensors and feedback mechanisms, we can refer to computational ecologies such as Thomas Ray's Tierra system of the 1990s. What is not as widely known is that women were also interned and took part in hunger strikes while in Armagh Gaol until its closure and transfer to Maghaberry prison in 1986. They can't repair themselves, they age, they die, they live . Nature produces likeness, but the human being has the greatest capacity for mimicry due to language. IN ADDITION, SUBSCRIBERS AND MEMBERS OF SUBSCRIBED INSTITUTIONS MAY USE THE ENTIRE WORK FOR ANY INTERNAL NONCOMMERCIAL PURPOSE BUT, OTHER THAN ONE COPY SENT BY EMAIL, PRINT OR FAX TO ONE PERSON AT ANOTHER LOCATION FOR THAT INDIVIDUAL'S PERSONAL USE, DISTRIBUTION OF THIS ARTICLE OUTSIDE OF A SUBSCRIBED INSTITUTION WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM EITHER THE AUTHOR OR THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.Ruby’s frequent dealings with the ‘real world’ causes her to experience unprogrammed emotions.This fusion of bio-technology, genetics and humour poses insights into a world where DNA and AI are growing closer together.

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