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Provisions very scarce ; /'90 raised monthly for relief ; Lord Lieutenant gave ;^5oo. The foundations of Chichester Quay, 320 feet long, laid by Mr.

Lord Donegall laid first stone of E.xchange (now Belfast Bank) ; cost;f4,000.

"Whilst the Duke staid at Belfast, there came a letter to him by a trumpet from the Duke of Berwick, but it was returned unopened, because it was directed For Count Schonberg." 1690. King William landed at Carrickfergus 14th June; drove from Whitehouse over the Strand, entering Belfast at the North Gate.

by "six companies of Colonel Cormack O'Neal's regiment and a troop of dragoons in Malone and the Fall, and they were kept to strict discipline." Duke Schonberg occupied Belfast 17th August.

The raising of Volunteers suggested at a family party by Robert Joy.

At the "Green" was a tenement held by those who managed the ferry-boat across the Lagan. Computed that "one-fourth of its manufacturing people and cash had emigrated to America from North of Ireland." Brown Linen Hall erected. Famous meeting of harpers in Belfast, convened by Dr. The first number of the Northern Star issued on 4th January. Petition for Catholic Eman- cipation signed by Sovereign and principal inhabitants. The Corporation and inhabitants sent an address to James II. A writ " Quo Warranto" served on Corporation, and the original Charter forfeited. The total amount of the customs and excise, £20,qoq.

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