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The host wanted a 45 minute performance, but it lasted 65 minutes before I couldn’t take any more and my bones and brain were jelly at the end.I had a marvelous time, but was a little hoarse from screaming and moaning by the end.However, when wearing a traditional diaphragm; an All-Flex, Milex or Reflexions the head of the Gigi is in contact with the anterior rim of the diaphragm as well as a portion of the dome and you get a very different experience which will vary depending on the rim style.With the Milex Omniflex (coil spring rim) there is a shimmery feeling the full length of the vagina.Fortunately our Clinic had received a routine stocking order of the Reflexions so we should be able to provide them to patients for the next few months.With luck we may be able to have latex FS diaphragms custom made, but at higher cost.

However, the Reflexions with its soft natural latex dome is far more likely than the silicone Milex or All-Flex to be damaged by the vibrator head from friction wearing a thin spot or hole in the dome which, if that occurs shortly after An additional future problem with the Reflexions FS diaphragm is that it was discontinued at the first of 2015 and so are no longer generally available.When the hosts found I was menstrual they pleaded even more since watching a menstrual continuously orgasming woman is a rare and unbelievably messy opportunity so I took the request as a challenge as well as hoping for a good time.I was willing to perform in her stead, but needed access to her body to get her Reflexions and the Gigi 2 G-spot vibrator that killed her because I didn’t want to chance ruining my own flat spring latex diaphragm and I wanted her Gigi 2 for myself as well.I could just float there forever, but I’ll finally tease myself to a massively intense gasping, moaning, mewing, screaming toe curling orgasm at the end of which the afterglow is so intense I sometimes immediately fall asleep with Gigi still inside me.When I get up I clean her and put her on charge again before putting her back in her bag to await our next intimate encounter.

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