Sylvie chaperon dating

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However, when wearing a traditional diaphragm; an All-Flex, Milex or Reflexions the head of the Gigi is in contact with the anterior rim of the diaphragm as well as a portion of the dome and you get a very different experience which will vary depending on the rim style.With the Milex Omniflex (coil spring rim) there is a shimmery feeling the full length of the vagina.The hosts stored her body in their walk-in freezer and knowing my prowess as a Domme and exhibitionist asked if I would take the dead performers place as the men really wanted to see a woman totally consumed by a series of G-spot orgasms.I would have thought that watching a professional escort fucked to death by her vibrator would have been enough, but the host wanted at least another 45 minutes and some of the women didn’t think I would since I was CD2 and bleeding heavily and a vibrating diaphragm leaks like a sieve.Afterward Marvin had to help me sit up and get into one of the host’s wife’s thick robes to absorb the blood and into a comfy chair and drink a sports drink to replenish lost electrolytes before I had strength to shower and rejoin the other guests.Marvin got the escort’s death and my performance having a vibi fuck my brains out on video so they should sell well on the porn market.She was one of my clinic’s escort patients I track who wear an 80mm diaphragm like me so I might be able to harvest her diaphragm if she died while having penetrative sex and wear it as a ‘death rubber’.She asked what I thought the most intense G-spot orgasms was and I mentioned having a latex flat spring diaphragm inserted so that not only the G-spot was stimulated but the stiff flat spring rim would transfer the strongest vibrations throughout the entire length of the vagina.

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I quickly harvested her 80mm Reflexions while her body was still warm and took her Gigi 2 and its charger out of her tote before she was sent on her way to the freezer.

She hadn’t been menstrual so my bleeding was a bonus of sorts and I let the guests watch as I pulled out my Dive cup full of flow (one of the male guests drank it) and inserted the dead woman’s flat spring latex diaphragm.

I could immediately feel her Chi coming off the latex dome and knew that I would be fine just lying back, inserting the Gigi and letting it take me where it would.

The host wanted a 45 minute performance, but it lasted 65 minutes before I couldn’t take any more and my bones and brain were jelly at the end.

I had a marvelous time, but was a little hoarse from screaming and moaning by the end.

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