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Once I went for drinks with two men and only had sparkling water and when the waiter came neither of them offered to pay mine. Where I come from, a coffee is no big deal and a man will always offer to pay a woman's drink. The way I see things working in urban Switzerland, the assumption is that each person will be in control of his/her own consumption and of his/her own payment.This is irrespective of one's own gender or that of the others who are present at the time.

Also preferably pick venues that don't require breaking the bank for either party. It was tragicomic to see the sudden realisation on their face once they realised "omg I'm all alone in the middle of the forest/mountain/wherever with this guy I've met on the internet and he seems ok but what if what they showed on tv was happening now and I shouldn't show that I'm freaking out but omgomgomg".

Most expecially, too, if you don't want to spend time with someone, then don't.

By having that much integrity, one keeps the communication clear, and everyone knows where they stand.

When I was leaving for a trip, he insisted on meeting me even though actually Im not keen. Then, he reciprocated to buy me a tea-time meal a few weeks after we both got back from our separate vacations.

The next subsequent dates, I was the one who paid more.

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