Statistics on physical dating violence in college students

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Domestic violence can be described as behavior which includes abuse or violence by one individual against another in a domestic setting.Whether it is in the form of intimate partner violence (abuse of one partner towards another in a relationship) or within family relationships (such as violence towards children), it can take many different forms.For example, parents/teachers/family or even peers should completely end the concept of “cooties”, or “girls rule boys drool”.

Because these victims are “taught” that their bodies are not their own, they often feel feelings of terror, shame, guilt, and self-blame.

In addition, violent relationships in adolescence may have serious ramifications by placing the victims at higher risk for eating disorders, substance abuse, impulsive and risky sexual behavior, and more domestic violence.

A 2011 College Dating Violence & Abuse Poll showed that 1 in 3 (29%) of women in college have reported that they have been in an abusive relationship.

Kids and adolescents should strive to maintain strong, healthy bonds with their parents, who put in loads of time and effort to protect and nurture their kids.

Furthermore, institutions throughout the nation should raise as much awareness of dating relationships and risks before students begin their freshman year.

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