Spring cleaning for your dating life 6 bad habits

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Think about all the reasons why your life would be better if you didn’t give into your Having clear, significant goals to work toward is an important part of keeping yourself interested and excited and staving off boredom in your life.Goals take work, but the process of working toward them shouldn’t make you miserable.Every time you feel a mood-based craving coming on, distract yourself by absorbing yourself in another attention-consuming task.Try jogging around the block or organizing the overflowing junk drawer in your From trying to progress in your career to maintaining a social life to paying enough attention to your kids, most modern women have a lot to handle in their everyday lives.If you head up three different committees at work, delegate your leadership of one to a trusted coworker.Un-commiting to superfluous responsibilities in your life takes stress out of your schedule. His bio mom gave him a hand me down iphone without service and freaked when he misplaced it.Instead of running on the treadmill in your home office every morning, attend an exercise class at your local gym. When you let technology take over your life, you stop paying attention to your offscreen life that’s happening around you.Plan a date night with your partner that doesn’t include the restaurant you’ve been to fifty times as your final destination. Just focus on making small changes to add interest and challenge to your routine. Leave your phone on do not disturb when you’re with other people to get more joy out of the quality time you spend with friends and family.

If you tend to berate yourself over small mistakes and setbacks, focus on positive self-talk and ban negative words like “stupid” and “worthless” from the vocabulary in your mind.Put away all your electronics–cell phone, laptop, etc.–at least two hours before you go to bed to get higher quality sleep during the night.You might be surprised how much less stressful life becomes when you take tech out of the equation Everyone has vices.Plus, it gives you the chance to re-commit yourself more fully to the things that are really important to Maintaining the same routine for months or years on end might feel comfortable, but too much stagnation in your life can also lead to boredom and depression. Only used as a mobile when playing at a friend’s house who doesn’t have a home line or taken with us on vacation if we get separated in a crowded place. Since that time, she has a new iphone for herself andvia Your tech use is likely one of the biggest drains on your time and energy.Make an effort to switch up your routine this spring. It’s way too easy to get completely absorbed in your smartphone or computer screen.

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