Speed dating cards esl

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This speed meeting icebreaker will accomplish both of these objectives. If someone asks you to a party, but you don't want to go, what do you say? How do you react when someone gives you a compliment?

Sometimes, however, your room setup won't allow this.

Be vague in making an excuse for not begin able to come.

This type of approach to teaching is based on the lexical approach or the chunks of language we tend to use to speak about certain situations.

When participants know each other these responses are best heard by all participants including the facilitator.

Need an icebreaker that will warm up the group with action and movement?

Let students role play the situation for one minute and then say stop.

Attendees are paired with each person attending the session for two minutes.

The speed meeting icebreaker is a quick and easy icebreaker that requires no preparation on your part yet gets people involved with each other and moving around the room.

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