Sophos has stopped updating updating windows latest security warning

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Updated components The threat detection engine has been updated from 3.69.2 to 3.70.2.

For information about the changes to the threat detection engine, see the Sophos Threat Detection Engine release notes.

Resolved issues The logged on user who runs Sophos must be a member of the Sophos Administrator group in order to migrate an on-premise–managed computer to Sophos Cloud. If you have experienced this issue, add the user account to the Sophos Administrator group and re-run the installer.

When migrating an on-premise–managed computer to Sophos Cloud, a Sophos endpoint software update may cause the installation to fail.

can only be applied on a device, when there is no other device administrator app activated.

If another device administrator app is already activated, e.g.

When you forbid data roaming, a Windows 10 Mobile device with data roaming enabled is still reported as compliant.

Android devices are automatically enabled through the EAS proxy, if the device was enrolled through the Self Service Portal.

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For known migration issues, see the issues for Sophos Central agent installer in Known issues and limitations. Sophos and Sophos Anti-Virus are registered trademarks of Sophos Limited and Sophos Group.

This is an issue in Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

rule because the operating system does not provide the Sophos Mobile Control app with the relevant information.

This is caused by an undefined behavior of the Apple i OS mechanism used for managing the app: the managed settings are lost.

Installing the profile again for the device through the Sophos Mobile Control admin console takes the app under management again. All other options only work on the first installation of the profile.

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