Sophos configure updating greyed

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Once you have rebooted check that you can see a blue and white shield icon in the system tray (usually in the bottom-right of the screen, near the clock).

The shield will probably be hidden and to view it you will need to click on the up-arrow near the clock.

So long as the shield icon is blue and white as shown then Sophos should be working correctly.

However you still need to update it as described below to protect against malware discovered since the installation package was built.

If you are working with a complex table with many columns, but only wish to enable the user to view and edit one or two of them, you then have a major task ahead of you to delete a LOT of redundant markup.

If you do as I did and start by selecting only the relevant columns and then making the three manual changes listed in my previous post, you reach the required end result much faster!

That is what caused the 'Enable Editing' checkbox to be greyed out and that is what stopped Visual Studio from automatically creating the required Edit buttons and specifying the appropriate PK in Data Key Names.As you can see below, the Linq Data Source definition includes Enable Update = "True".However, when I subsequently open up the Configure List View dialogue box the 'Enable Editing' checkbox is both deselected and greyed out.Some further reading suggests that I need to specify something called Data Key Names for my List View but it's now after midnight in the UK so that will have to wait until tomorrow... The List View automatically does about 95% of the work to generate the required markup via the selections you make in various dialogue boxes but provides no obvious assistance on how to complete the remaining 5%.In my case, I had to do three things to the automatically generated markup before updating was fully enabled, Further investigation has established the root cause of my problem.

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