Sophos configure updating greyed

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As you can see below, the Linq Data Source definition includes Enable Update = "True".

Changing that to a non-negative number made the Update Button and Cancel Button visible on the first record.

Why in the ADVANCE section when I 'configure data source' is the 'GENERATE INSERT UPDATE AND SELECT STATEMENT' greyed out? I know that a way around this can be achieved by changing the autogenerateeditbutton tag to true in properties and you can edit this way - but when this is done there is no update to the database when you attempt. Using a primary key allows designer to generate code that reliably chooses the correct row to update.

It was also mentioned that this could be to do with setting up a primary key when I looked on forums on this matter. The error in the browser is as follows: Any ideas how to update the database with these problematic tables? see tvanfosson's answer re primary key, that is one possibility.

Please note: before installing the Sophos software you must uninstall any other anti-virus software you may have installed on the machine (read the software manufacturer's instructions on how to do this).

After you have downloaded the file, run it or find the downloaded file and double-click on it.

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