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Speaking of the air conditioner, if it’s at all possible, have them turn off the air conditioner, mini-fridge and TV set completely – maybe even unplug them.And while they’re at it, turn off the cell phone, hotel phone or office phone and change the settings on the computer to eliminate audible alerts for incoming emails or other prompts.When I start Face Time it switches on the camera and keeps it on.If I hide the application the camera seems off (green LED is not on).While Talk Show can dramatically enhance the technical quality (the sound, the video quality, the color correction) there are a few things it do. So have a brief chat with your remote expert and ask them to do the following things: It would really be great to have a lamp on either side of his or her face. The second with two tabletop lamps near the presenter.It can’t improve the bandwidth between you and your remote caller - although there are things you can do apart from Talk Show to make sure you’re getting the best signal possible. If they can’t move the lamps, then sit where the lamps will light them from the front. If the background seems too dark when using table lamps, move them further away from the presenter.If you’ve updated your ‘consumer’ Skype app recently, then you’ve probably got an opinion on the latest refresh, and if the latest reviews are anything to go by – it won’t be a positive one.

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Talk Show allows you to add live interviews, perspective, and credibility to your program, meeting or training by easily incorporating any connected Skype user as a guest speaker without the expense and effort of flying in an expert or hiring a crew to do a live remote feed. The advantage with Talk Show is that the quality of presentation – and therefor engagement with your audience – is infinitely better than trying to use the free download consumer-grade version of Skype most people are familiar with.

But having a lavalier mic or a “podcast mic” like one of the BLUE mics ( will provide much better sound than the built-in mic on the laptop or camera.

Blue’s “Snowflake” mic is very portable and easy to use.

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Visit Stack Exchange I would like to use both Skype and Face Time at the same time (not while calling just having them both open).

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