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Speaking of the air conditioner, if it’s at all possible, have them turn off the air conditioner, mini-fridge and TV set completely – maybe even unplug them.And while they’re at it, turn off the cell phone, hotel phone or office phone and change the settings on the computer to eliminate audible alerts for incoming emails or other prompts.Many of the key features of the i OS and Android updates have disappeared, and customers seem to hate the fact that Microsoft has gone for a youth-oriented “Instagram-style” service, rather than the business-oriented, sophisticated app we’d grown to know and love.Of course, it’s not just the glaring colours and horrific use of emojis that makes the new Microsoft redesign so unappealing.But a major issue with including experts is that they are often not available to be on-location for the meeting, or flying them in creates a cost that can’t be justified.Luckily, there is great technology that can solve this issue and allow your audience a high quality presentation of an expert from a remote location – even a continent away.So with some decent lighting, a good background, correct camera position and good sound, Talk Show will do the rest.

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Between these two important “content providers” and the technical delivery of that content in an engaging visual manner you can deliver a high quality, powerful presentation at your next meeting or training session without breaking the budget.I haven't had the chance to test it myself, but according to the app description, it should work just fine. Some customers complain about a slow Mac, some don't. New Tek has introduced a product called Talk Show that allows Skype video calls to be easily integrated into a live production environment with controls that can deliver broadcast quality sound and video of a remote expert or interviewee.Talk Show allows you to add live interviews, perspective, and credibility to your program, meeting or training by easily incorporating any connected Skype user as a guest speaker without the expense and effort of flying in an expert or hiring a crew to do a live remote feed. The advantage with Talk Show is that the quality of presentation – and therefor engagement with your audience – is infinitely better than trying to use the free download consumer-grade version of Skype most people are familiar with.

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