Sk dating sites

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I'm lucky enough to not be single or hunting but it's definitely a different vibe than any other city I've lived.

A buddy of mine has been on every dating website/app/service in regina and probably slept with 300 women ages 19-40 in the past 3 years.

There are those for different religions and diets, widows and single parents, nudists and smokers, fans of Star Trek and vampires.

Even big dating sites, such as and Plenty of Fish, have added specialty categories for people looking for that special someone with a common interest they don’t want to live without, including a love of farming.

Daniel Seitz was at home on his family’s farm in southeastern Saskatchewan, watching a TV agriculture report, when an ad popped up on the screen and tugged at his lonely heart.

An online dating site called Farmers Only promised to steer him clear of city slicker singles and hook him up with potential partners looking for a man just like him, one comfortable in cowboy boots and living life on the land.

The likelihood of finding anyone in a happenstance outside of these circumstances is quite small, in my mind. It's pretty difficult to meet people in general in this city let alone for romance.

Farmers Only counts 10 per cent of its members as Canadian and boasts about 300 successful matches.

In an effort to make more love and money north of the border, Miller says an advertising blitz is underway.

School is phenomenal - especially if you live in the residences - but I am assuming you're way out of that scene by now.

Hobbies, really depends on if it's a hobby where people meet up at a certain time.

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