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Fully up-to-date with the rest of the world, Romanian girls and women adore music, love meeting people, enjoy sporting activities, and know how to take care of themselves. Like the French, they visit the market every day and use fresh produce in their cuisine.Focused on their way-of-life, they steer clear of stress and other negative influences.The Romanian family law is less feminist, compared with the family law in first-world countries.

If these things don’t exist, then living together is enough – why do people get marriage certificates?

A major Romanian women dating website released an interesting report regarding why so many people are single nowadays.

Some facts may surprise you:* Some Romanian ladies live with their parents – No matter how old they are, they just live with their parents as long as they are not married.

If you rely on something external for a happy marriage, then you are wrong.* Marriage is a combination of emotional connection, sex and mutual benefits.

Every couple have different interpretations of these elements.

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