Singles dating holidays

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Our solo travellers can't be defined - they're people in their 20's all the way to their 80's, and hail from countries all over the world.Some have always travelled solo, others are experiencing the freedom for the first time.All that's required is a passion for travel, a love of learning and a refusal to be pigeonholed.

We pride ourselves on delivering amazing adventures at amazing prices and all of our tours are priced competitively low.Sometimes that means sharing a room with another traveller and sometimes it means a private room and ensuite all to yourself - like everything else about our solos holidays, you can find the style that suits you, your needs and your budget. Read our top tips for travelling solo to make it a trip to remember.Worried about travelling around the world on your own? In fact over 60% of our passengers travel by themselves!And while to some age is just a number, others prefer the company of their peers and we get that.Whether you are looking to travel solo in your 30's or want to join solo travellers in their 50's, we've got a holiday for that.

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