Single parent dating in the uk

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But she didn't always feel that single motherhood was fabulous.

Shearer became a single mum at 26, when her son was 4 months old."Everything I could find was very negative," she says. There, she shared stories of her real dating life — the good, the bad, and the awkward. Like, for example, being able to take partners on parenting test drives."They made it feel like if I dated, it would be a bad thing." The books she read gave tips such as a single mum shouldn't bring her kids around her dates, and she should be prepared to put her dating life on hold until her kids are out of the house. "That's a huge advantage because you get to see if your parenting styles line up," she says."When you're a mum, it changes every sector of your dating life and who you choose to spend time with."Kaywanda Lamb, a single mum of two boys who coaches other single mums on dating and relationships, had a similar experience.All she heard as a newly single mother was that no one, especially men who didn't have their own kids, would want to date a single parent.

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